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Work In Retirement – Is This For You?

work in retirement

Have you, as a retiree, thought about work in retirement?

Well, if you have, you better think this through.  It could be fulfilling and a sort of regeneration of enthusiasm and purpose.

How about exploring a new career on Your Terms!

Ask yourself some questions before you jump into this new life after retirement.

Question No. 1:

Take economics out of the decision for just a second; what is driving you to work in a traditional period of life known as retirement?

Possible answer, baby boomers tend to be healthier and better educated than previous generations. The skill gained while working is still there and maybe just maybe you want to keep going.  If you are able, go for it!

Question No. 2:

Some sources say that there are more seniors starting businesses, Why?

In recent years about 25% of new businesses were started by people between the ages of 55 to 64. The internet, work-sharing spaces and home offices make this possible.  The cash outlay initially may not be as high as in the past.  Do your research before you spend the time or money.

Question No. 3:

Are you too young or old?

There are more older persons in the workforce and by 2030 20% of the U.S. population will be over 65.  Maybe you can relate and fit into servicing a customer base that fits your own age group.

Question No. 4:

Are there any employment options for older professionals?

Research… Research… Research!  Check out, or seek out, companies that use internal and external networks just for older professionals.

Question No. 5:

How can you get more involved with (a new term) “unretirement”?

Think real hard… What do you want to do, I mean really do, with a new career in an older age setting.  Seek out other professionals that have “unretired”!

You may want to be your own boss in your older and wiser age and not deal with a boss other than yourself. Source…

Remember, think hard about what you are and what you want to do and work in retirement.

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