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Over 50 and Wanting to Downsize?


Thought about “Downsizing” now that you are Over 50 or are close to a retirement date?

This life changing decision can be hard or easy depending on how you organize your options.

* Know who you will hire to move you – Interview and scrutinize

* Sort through your personal items – Discard or digitize

* Learn to manage a smaller space

* Easy tosses and donations: Old magazines, books, lawn and gardening supplies, canned goods, spices, clippings, cleaning supplies, old bills and receipts

In order to help you with your downsizing project, we want to share with you the top 10 things that your children or nieces and nephews probably don’t want.

“Your house, and what it contains, is a minefield in the eyes of your grown children. They can see from your example that collections of stuff are a curse; such objects are superfluous to a life well lived. They want a clean, clear field in which to live their lives. Your grown children will not agree to be the recipients of your downsizing if it means their upsizing.” This info is based on the author’s conversations with Baby Boomers and their millennial heirs.


The following is a list of the top ten types of objects that your kids don’t want:

1. Fine China Dinnerware – Really, they don’t want to store four sets of fancy china dinnerware. And, frankly, they don’t see much fun in unpacking it once a year for a holiday or event.

2. Sterling Silver Flatware and Crystal Wine Glasses – Let’s face it…formal entertaining is not a priority these days. Sterling flatware must be hand-washed and dried. Do you think your kids are going to use the silver? The crystal sets are also too fragile. They are probably too small as well.

3. Linens – Do your children really want boxes of hand-embroidered pillowcases, guest towels, napkins, and table linens? They probably don’t want to set a table with vintage linens.

4. Persian Rugs – Need we say more to a collection of multicolored (and sometimes threadbare) Persian rugs.

5. Heavy, Dark, Antique Furniture – The market for this type of furniture is most often a secondhand store. It probably won’t end up in your child’s house!

6. Silver-Plated Objects – Grown children will most likely not polish those silver-plated candy dishes, serving bowls, etc. The exception may be those items from well-known manufacturers, such as, Tiffany, Cartier or Asprey.

7. Porcelain Figurine Collections and Bradford Exchange Plates – Hummel’s and Precious Moments are not wanted by your grown children, grandchildren or any other relative. Even though they are filled with memories, they have no market value. They do not fit into the Zen-like tranquil aesthetics of a younger’s home.

8. Sewing Machines, Film Projectors and Steamer Trunks –  Unless the maker of the steamer trunks is Louis Vuitton, Asprey, Goyard or some other famous luggage house, donate them! The same goes for sewing machines and film projectors. Thrift stores are full of these items.

9. Paper Objects – Things like old greeting cards, family snapshots, postcards and concert programs fall into this category. Old photos are not worth anything unless they are of a celebrity or linked with an historical event.

10. Books – Let’s face it…they don’t want your books. Very few collections of books are truly valuable.

Well, we are at the end of the list! You will find remedies for getting rid of each of these categories in the Top Ten Objects link be;pw. It will be easier to downsize if you keep these items in mind!

Sources: Downsizing & Top Ten Objects

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When You Downsize, You Have a Sense of Freedom!

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