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Travel – Packing Light & Packing Tight!

Here are the travel secrets to packing for your next trip – packing light and packing tight!


Hey, guys…here’s a packing list that will be invaluable for many trips to come! It’s nice to be reminded of everything you need to take on a trip. Everyone has so many things to think about when getting ready to travel that a little help with the packing is very much appreciated!

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For everyone…here’s travel gear ideas that will make your trip easier to prepare for and more enjoyable.


Tip 1 – Keep an ongoing list of items on your phone of absolute essentials to pack for every trip (charger, cleanser, glasses, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc.) makes last-minute packing a lot less stressful because there’s always a personal checklist for reference.

Tip 2 – Have a small zippered pouch in your carry-on bag to stash all the things that you want to keep with you on a flight. This may include: headphones, earplugs, EmergenC, phone, wallet, etc.  When you board, just pull that pouch out and toss it into the seat. You are now ready to place your carry-on in the overhead bin, quickly and efficiently.


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Time for a trip? These travel tips will be a great help!

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