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Top 5 Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers

Have you been considering a job change recently but are concerned about your age? Here are job search tips for Baby Boomers that are invaluable. It can be a disturbing thing to consider, but take heart because you are not alone.

Even though you may have been working for 30 – 35 years (remember those baby sitting and lawn moving jobs years ago), you may be wanting a change of jobs and change of pace.  Many successful men and women begin to question their place in the workforce about this time of their lives because they are no longer excited about their career.

However, others are comfortable with what they are working at and anything that looks like change causes stress, so they prefer to stay put regardless of how they feel about their job.

With the uncertainty in the work culture in our country, making a change may not even be your choice at this point.

So what do you do at your age if you’re aren’t excited about your job or worse yet are miserable in your job or for whatever reason find yourself without an office to go to?

job research tips for Baby Boomers

Here are job search tips for Baby Boomers that may help get you through a job search as you navigate a mature career.

1. Take advantage of the fact you have so much to offer. Your experience and years of being in the work place have made you who you are and will be to your advantage when going up against younger competition.

2. Choose wisely. Do what you want to do regardless of what you have done in the past. The skills and knowledge from past work experience can easily be transferred to a new job and career. Be excited about the new position or don’t take it!

3. Be willing to sacrifice a little income for a lot of peace. Maybe making a little less money is a trade off for not having to work 80+ hours a week! Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration…but you get the point. Consider free time and flexibility as perks when you are negotiating a salary.

4. Strike out on your own. Consider running your own business. Put that corporate experience and lifetime of learning to work by building your own empire! There are niche businesses out there that are catering to a select group and many of these businesses are started by people just like you…and are very successful.

5. Be kind to yourself doing this time. Keep in mind…you aren’t too old to start over if it’s something you enjoy. You have a different perspective than when you were 25 years old! You will also continue to exercise your mind which is important as we get older.

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These Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers are Invaluable!

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