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Top 5 Cakes for Easter

Cakes for Easter!

Here are five cake recipes to choose from that will be a hit on Easter Sunday! Growing up we always had cake for Easter dessert. Sometimes it was a layer cake and other times it was a bunny cake.

1)  Easter Bunny Cake

This is a favorite of mine and is easy to make. It is definitely a topic of conversation at the dinner table. It also makes a great centerpiece!

cakes for Easter

For recipe, Click Here


2)  Easy-to-make Bunny Cake!

Two layer cake rounds and a little cutting and shaping will make a Bunny Cake in no time!

cakes for Easter

For recipe, Click Here


3)  Easter Egg Layered Cake

This is such a pretty cake and is easy to make. Kids love the various colors of the layers and Mom’s love the simple, easy recipe.

Colorful Easter Egg Layered Cake

For recipe,  Click Here


4)  Peeps® Easter Garden Cake

What a fun cake for all ages…bunnies in the garden!

For recipe, Click Here


5)  Tiramisu Layer Cake

If you want a more traditional cake dessert, this easy version of the wonderful Tiramisu is a perfect choice for Easter dinner.

For recipe,  Click Here

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Enjoy Making and Eating these Cakes for Easter!


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