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Top 3 Healthy Halloween Snacks

We think you would like some healthy Halloween snacks ideas since Halloween is fast approaching. These can be made any time soon and especially for your Halloween party.

These are all easy to make. They are fun food crafts for kids to make. The best part is that they are not as messy as some food crafts!

This is actually a good way to get kids and adults alike to eat fun, healthy snacks any time of the year!

Orange and Black Fruit Kabobs

Healthy Halloween Snacks


Make these delicious fruit kabobs with chunks of cantaloupe, black raspberries and blueberries. Put them on long skewers and you have an attractive snack or party food for Halloween. They are actually good anytime of the year!

Ghosts and Pumpkins Fruit Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snacks


Make these fun Healthy Halloween Snacks with bananas and clementines. A little chocolate can be used for the eyes and nose on the bananas. A little slice of celery can be used for the stem of the clementine pumpkin. Be creative and use whatever comes to mind to produce the look of a ghost and a pumpkin!

Halloween Witch’s Broomstick

Healthy Halloween Snacks


Now this is a fun way to incorporate healthy Halloween snacks into your diet with a little protein! These are made with pretzels and string cheese. How easy is that? You might want to decorate the plate with a craft witch or two to make it even more attractive.

Healthy Halloween Snacks – Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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