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Thankful Tree – A Thanksgiving Tradition

A Thanksgiving tradition for some families and a soon-to-be tradition for others…a Thankful Tree!

After all, the meaning of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

This is an activity that all ages can participate in and will be a topic of conversation for your Thanksgiving gathering.

We have chosen three trees that are fairly easy DIY projects. You can get started on them this week and have them ready for Thanksgiving day.

Thankful Tree #1


Start with some tall branches — either gather them from outside, or purchase a bunch of craft branches. For an even more festive look, consider lighted branches. Add them to a simple glass vase. You may have some of the supplies on hand… if not, they are reasonable in cost and can be used year after year!

Before guests arrive, attach ribbon to paper leaves. Using a dark colored Sharpie, write what you are thankful for on a few of the leaves and hang them on the tree. Encourage your guests to do the same as they arrive.

Thankful Tree #2

Thankful Tree

Click for Instructions

You will need the following supplies for this Thankful Tree:

Glass Vase, Tree Branches, Pinecones, Autumn Leaves, Ribbon, Scrapbook Paper, and Leaf Pattern

This is a low-cost Tree that can be used year after year.

Thankful Tree #3

thankful tree


This Tree is nature themed. It uses unshelled nuts in the vase with autumn leaves decoration surrounding the vase. The medallions are wooden with chalk paint so they can be used again next Thanksgiving. Be creative and use supplies that you have on hand. If you need to purchase some of them, remember that you can use this Thankful Tree year after year!

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Thankful Tree – A Thanksgiving Tradition for All to Enjoy!

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