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Are You a Baby Boomer Who Will be a Solo Senior?

In this day and age, a Baby Boomer may very well be a solo senior for various reasons!

According to Sara Zeff Geber, about 20% of Baby Boomers today do not have children. There are also thousands of Baby Boomers whose kids are estranged, not functional or live far away. They will also age solo!

On any given weekend in a retirement community you will find lots of visitors milling around the property and visiting the residents. Most of these visitors are family; namely, adult children and grandchildren of the residents. These families are making sure their oldest members get out of their homes and remind them they are not alone in the world.

What happens when the older generation in our society who do not have family to take them to lunch and visit with them? Who can they count on for companionship? And, who will give them aide when they reach a point in life where they cannot do everything for themselves?

solo senior

It is crucial that solo seniors carefully prepare to ensure a safe and secure future for themselves.

This includes:

  1. Recruit or hire someone to be their power of attorney for their finances and health issues.
  2. Determine where they want to live in their later years.
  3. Determine how and where they will get aid when they need it.
  4. Have some type of schedule when they are no longer in the work force. By this we mean, have a place to go most days. Being involved and staying active is vital to successful retirement.


Here are helpful resources for a Solo Senior to age successfully:

Join a Facebook Group for Solo Seniors ~ Elder Orphans Facebook group

Start a Club ~ Start your own club!

Find a Life Care Associate ~ Aging Life Care Association.

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