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Were You Born in the 50s?

Were you born in the 50s? Here are 10 signs you were born in the 50s if you can remember and identify these 50s events and circumstances.

Remember When – Were You Born in the 50s:

1) You went to five and dimes – You do remember Woolworth’s, don’t you? You spent your precious nickels there and then had a soda or malt at the lunch counter!

2) You knew a lot of teen brides – The average age of brides from 1950-60 was 20 years old. That meant there were plenty of teen brides! Today the average age of brides is around 27 years old!

3) You remember where you were on significant occasions – We are talking when JFK, MLK, and RFK were all shot. Also,when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper’s plane went down. On a happier note, when the Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show.

4) The Bomb was the scariest thing ever – Remember the days of the Cold War, when the fear of Russia, communism, and the possibility of atomic war was a part of your everyday life? You definitely remember duck and cover drills in school.

5) You watched the Ed Sullivan Show – Every Sunday night you turned on the black and white TV to watch the Ed Sullivan Show.

6) You played with simple, iconic toys – The hula hoop, Mr. Potato Head, Play Doh, Magic Slate, Lincoln Logs and Easy Bake Oven were top on the 50s toy list.

7) You hated the Yankees…or loved them – They were the winners of six world series from 1950-58. Who wouldn’t like them and Mickey Mantle!

8) You listened to the radio and listened to music on 45s -You were born in the 50s if you listened to radio DJ, Dick Clark, and bought the newest Beatles or Ricky Nelson single on a 45 record for 75 cents!

9) Your food was read food…except when it wasn’t – You grew up eating fresh foods, such as strawberries and “real” ice cream. On the other hand, processed foods made their appearance…TV dinners, canned soda, boxed cake mixes, Hamburger Helper and – forbid! – margarine!

10) Everyone smoked – Well, almost everyone! Family members smoked at the dinner table. They also smoked at the supermarket and at work. All the cool guys wore a pack of Lucky Strike in their shirt sleeve. (About 18 percent of people still smoke.) Source…

Were You Born in the 50s

Were You Born in the 50s – Then you know how to make the hula hoop work!

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