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Throwback Thursday – Gum Machine

Throwback Thursday – Wrigley Gum Machine!
Remember these gum machines in the drug stores and grocery stores?
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The story of the Wrigley Company is very interesting and inspiring!
The Wrigley Company is a world-wide organization with operations in more than 40 nations. They distribute products to over 180 countries.
The Company began over a century ago in 1891 when William Wrigley Jr. moved to Chicago. He began selling soap, baking powder and other necessities. He gave away sticks of gum to his customers as “something for nothing” incentives. These incentives proved to be more popular than the merchandise he was selling!
Because of this experience, Wrigley Jr. decided to produce his own line of gums. Two of the company’s earliest products were Sweet Sixteen Orange and Lotta Gum. They revolutionized chewing gum’s appeal to young people and the public at large. Previously, the stereotype was that only women chewed gum!
Wrigley’s Spearmint® and Juicy Fruit® were introduced in 1893 during an economic depression. In 1907, Wrigley mortgaged everything to launch a huge advertising campaign. This move skyrocketed the Wrigley company into the national spotlight.
Wrigley established himself as a leading champion of employee rights and benefits. In 1916 he created a health and welfare department in his Chicago factory. He also gave his employees Saturdays and Sundays off starting in 1924. Even during the Great Depression, the company set minimum wage levels to give its workers financial security during this difficult time in our nation’s history.
Wrigley Jr.’s son Philip, was named the company president in 1925. He expanded the company’s reach by sponsoring radio programs and ads in the “funny pages” of newspapers.
To this day, the Wrigley Company success is based on “leadership, innovation and integrity.”
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