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Throwback Thursday – Do You Have The Right Fuel?

Throwback Thursday – Do you have the Right Fuel? 
Remember when you were served at the pump?  You might have pulled up to the Sinclair Dino Gas Pump!
We have a great picture of a vintage Sinclair Dino Gas Pump. Isn’t it cool?
throwback thursday
This pump along with a plethora of 1950s memorabilia can be found at the Dragonman’s Museum.
Dragonman’s has a museum full of Throwback Thursday items!
The brontosaurus logo is parodied in the Toy Story and Cars franchise films as being the “DinoCo” gas station chain.
“Sinclair continues to use the green dinosaur, affectionately called “Dino”, and markets all its products under the logo. Sinclair patented the gasoline additive SG-2000. The high-octane fuel blend is called “Dino Supreme” and regular gas is “Dino.”
These trade names have been used since 1961, when many oil companies still used trade names for their fuels instead of generic terms such as “regular,” “premium,” or “unleaded”. Prior to that time, Sinclair’s trade names for its gasoline products included “Power X” for high-octane fuel and “Sinclair H-C” for regular gas.
Sinclair also has marketed products such as Dino, Dino Supreme and Opaline motor oils.” Source…

Throwback Thursday – Isn’t it Fun to Reminisce!

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