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Throwback Thursday – Butterfinger Candy Bar

OK…Tell yourself you need to head to the store and get a…Butterfinger Candy Bar.


butterfinger candy bar

It’s been around for a long time, now go out and get one!

The Butterfinger candy bar was created in 1923 in Chicago Illinois by Otto Schnering. It is currently manufactured by Nestlé. The bar consists of a flaky, crisp, peanut butter-flavored center covered with compound chocolate.

Related to the Butterfinger candy bar is a small bar with bite-sized pieces of Butterfinger called Butterfinger Bites.

Butterfingers are used in other food items, such as, ice cream and other frozen desserts. If you ‘crunch them up,’ you can use them as sprinkles on a variety of cakes, cookies and pies. Be creative with them!

Some candy bars stand the “test of time” and Butterfinger certainly does that. Ask Baby Boomers and anyone else Over 50 about Butterfingers, and they will know exactly what you’re talking about. No doubt, they will say they like them!

Do you know how popular they are? With 2010 sales of $598 million, Butterfinger has become increasingly popular. It has typically ranked as the eleventh most popular candy bar sold in the $17.68 billion United States chocolate confectionery market between 2007 and 2010.


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