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The 1950’s Poodle Skirt – A Fashion Phenomenon!

Looking back at the fashions of the 1950’s you will certainly remember the popularity of the “Circle Skirt.”

Circle skirts were simply cut out of a large circle of fabric and could be made by anyone with a pair of scissors and some type of appliqued  design.

The most famous circle skirt was  the “poodle skirt.”

poodle skirt

Interesting facts about the poodle skirt:

*  Poodle skirts were unique in that there were no two skirts that were the same. Thus, they were “one of a kind.”

*  The poodle skirt was designed by Juli Lynne Charlot, an actress and designer.

*  Charlot could not ever sew when she came up with her clever idea of applying applique designs of little poodles to a felt circle skit she made in 1947.

*  Teenagers across American began sewing and appliqueing circle/poodle skirts and wore them to school as well as to sock hops.

*  Saddle shoes were popular shoes to wear with the skirts.

Source:  1950sCircleShirt

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   Hope you enjoyed reminiscing about the Vintage Poodle Skirt!

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