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Shirley Temple – Top Five Movies

Shirley Temple was America’s top box office draw from 1935-1938. She was an American film and television actress, singer, and dancer.

As Jake Coyle, an AP Film Writer, said in a recent article that many child stars have appealed primarily to young audiences, but Temple charmed a largely adult movie-going nation with what film critic David Thomson called her “elfin perfection”.

shirley temple

Ms. Temple Shined in These Top Five Movies:

1) “Bright Eyes” (1934)

2) “The Little Colonel” (1935)

3) “Curly Top” (1935)

4) “Wee Willie Winkie” (1937)

5) “Heidi” (1937)

What you may not know about Shirley Temple Black:

1) After retiring from movies and television, she went into politics.

2) She was a U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

3) Shirley started dancing when she was three years old.

4) She was born in 1928 and passed away on February 10, 2014.

Shirley went on to be a U.S. Representative to the United Nations. She was also the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. During Gerald Ford’s administration, she was the first woman to be U.S. Chief of Protocol.

Shirley’s first volume of her autobiography in 1988 was entitled Child Star.

Shirley starred in 14 short films, 43 feature films and over 25 storybook movies. Her career spanned three decades, from 1931 until 1961.


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