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Remembering the Pay Phone!

The pay phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past but brings back lots of memories.

Did you know?

1)  William Gray is credited with inventing the payphone in 1889; George A. Long was its developer.

2)  The site of the first pay phone in the U. S. was in Hartford, Connecticut at the Southeast Corner of Main and State Streets.

3)   The first pay phone was actually a “postpay” machine which means the coins were deposited after the call was placed.

4)  In 2000 there were 2.2 million active pay phones in the U.S and today that number is about 450,000.

5)  You will still find pay phones outside gas stations, supermarkets and convenience stores.

So, how many pay phones are there in the United States? Since 2007, the number of payphones in the United States in operation has declined by 48%. “At the end of 2012, the FCC reported the number of payphones at 243,487 generating $362 million falling to $286 million by 2015.”

The market is currently being served by independent payphone companies. An estimated 100,000 payphones in the US remain as of 2018. Roughly a fifth of these payphones are located in New York.

Be sure and share this with your children and, especially, your grandchildren!

Remember the Pay Phone!

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