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Love this Vintage Luggage!

We find ourselves drawn to vintage luggage because it has character and stories to tell! Just wish we had some of the pieces that we used when growing up.

vintage luggage

This is an especially nice set showing the pink interior.


Luggage Vintage

Brief History on the Shift from Trunks to Suitcases:

The late 19th century marked a major shift in the history of transportation, as more people started traveling for leisure. Prominent luggage and leather manufacturers like Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company started making suitcases in addition to their tried-and-true trunks. This company eventually changed its name to Samsonite. It was named for the biblical figure Samson, because of his strength.

The shift to suitcases accelerated in the 1930s as commercial flights began to replace steamships and trains. But the early versions, clunky contraptions made of leather and wood, were a far cry from today’s suitcases. The “suit-cases” or “suit cases” were designed to hold suits. And, of course, today we put any and everything in our suit cases!

vintage luggage

 Any ideas on the time period for this vintage luggage?


For more reminiscing: Tick Tock – The Vintage Alarm Clock!




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