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Throwback Thursday – Do You Have The Right Fuel?

Throwback Thursday – Do you have the Right Fuel? 
Remember when you were served at the pump?  You might have pulled up to the Sinclair Dino Gas Pump!
We have a great picture of a vintage Sinclair Dino Gas Pump. Isn’t it cool?
throwback thursday
This pump along with a plethora of 1950s memorabilia can be found at the Dragonman’s Museum.
Dragonman’s has a museum full of Throwback Thursday items!
The brontosaurus logo is parodied in the Toy Story and Cars franchise films as being the “DinoCo” gas station chain.
“Sinclair continues to use the green dinosaur, affectionately called “Dino”, and markets all its products under the logo. Sinclair patented the gasoline additive SG-2000. The high-octane fuel blend is called “Dino Supreme” and regular gas is “Dino.”
These trade names have been used since 1961, when many oil companies still used trade names for their fuels instead of generic terms such as “regular,” “premium,” or “unleaded”. Prior to that time, Sinclair’s trade names for its gasoline products included “Power X” for high-octane fuel and “Sinclair H-C” for regular gas.
Sinclair also has marketed products such as Dino, Dino Supreme and Opaline motor oils.” Source…

Throwback Thursday – Isn’t it Fun to Reminisce!

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Throwback Thursday – Twilight Zone

Remember The Twilight Zone?

It’s Throwback Thursday.

Rod Serling wrote some pretty interesting and sometimes bizarre features. 

Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner. 

Very creative and some made you think about…whatever!


The Twilight Zone introduced many Americans to common science fiction and fantasy tropes. The original series was shot entirely in black and white. It ran on CBS for five seasons from 1959 to 1964.

The series was so successful, it led to a feature film, a radio series, a comic book, and a magazine. It also had various other spin-offs that spanned five decades, including two revival television series. Source…

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Photo Courtesy of REBEAT Mag

More on the T Zone

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Back From 44 – The Sacrifice and Courage of a Few

back from 44 - the sacrifice and courage of a few

A story from World War II, Back from 44 – The Sacrifice and Courage of a Few. 

Nick Bentas, Staff Sergeant US Army Air Force, finds himself in a severely crippled B-26 Marauder. Trying to return to base, he remembers the different times in his life that led him up to this point. 

From enlistment to basic training to saying goodbye to his new wife, he remembers his deadly missions around France, Germany and the wider Mediterranean. Experience how it was first hand to encounter enemy flak and fighter attacks, while dealing with the emotional impact of losing close friends.  

Back From 44 is an in-depth look into the bravery and sacrifice of ordinary men who did extraordinary things during World War II.

NEW lower price for Softcover $12.99!


Book Review

back from 44 - the sacrifice and courage of a few

Goodreads.  John’s review.  Apr 30, 2016 – Read from April 30 to May 12, 2016

“As I get older and realize there are too many books that I have to read before my time is up. Having said that, I was ready to ditch this book half way through. I am glad I didn’t, this book will kick you right in the balls. Kudos to the author and highly recommended.


320th Bomb Group, 441st Squadron crewmember, January 2015

“I want you to know I was very impressed with your book “Back from 44.”  The fiction part of your book was far less fiction than you might think.  The “conversations” between individuals in the book may have a figment of your imagination, but those conversations might have very well been discussed at the time.  What was discussed was exactly the sort of things we did actually discuss.”

Back From 44 – The Sacrifice and Courage of a Few

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Gummy Bears – Where Did They Come From?

Ever wonder where Gummy Bears came from and who had the idea for this popular candy?
Well, Gummy Bears, as we know them, started in 1920 by Hans Riegel in Bonn, Germany.
Hans wanted his own sweets company and started with hard candies.
A couple of years later he produced a soft, gelatin-based, fruit-flavored candy in the shape of dancing bears.
Bears were a popular diversion at festivals in Europe at that time.
The name of the company, Haribo, is the first two letters of his own first and last names and hometown.
gummy bears
“Gummy candies descend from Turkish delight and even Japanese rice candy,” says candy historian Beth Kimmerle, author of Candy: A Sweet History. “But both of those are typically made with rice or corn starch versus gelatin.”
An American version of the these Bears was started in 1981.
There has been a decades-long debate over which is superior: German or American Gummy Bears!
What do you think?
Do you crave Bears every so often? 
Do you know how many different colors are used in these Bears?
Well, find out more about who and where and then head to the candy store for a fix!
 Photo credit from the article.  Click the link below to find out more about Gummy Bears.


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Gummy Bears Rule!

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Wooly Willy – Throwback Thursday!

Wooly Willy ~ You must remember this one!  I do.

It was real hard to get those pesky magnet filings to stay in place for a new beard for Willy.

This toy has “a face printed on cardboard under a bubble of plastic filled with metal filings that could be moved with a magnetic wand to create features like beards, mustaches, and shaggy eyebrows on the face.”[1]

Donald and his brother, James Herzog, developed the Willy toy while working in their father’s toy production company, Smethport Specialty Company.

Leonard Mackowski created the artwork for the first Willy toy. It is said that you can find his signature hidden in the grass on the reverse side.

wooly willy

Did you know:

1) Priced at US $0.29, Wooly Willy was successfully launched on the market in 1955.

2) More than 75 million of these toys have been sold.

3) Wooly Willy became a Baby Boomer hit.

4) Wooly Willy remains in production as of 2010 by Smethport Specialty Company, which is now owned by Patch Products.

5) This toy was added to the Toy Industry Association‘s “Century of Toys List” in 2003. The “Century of Toys List” is a roll call of the most creative and memorable toys of the 20th century!


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Wooly Willy – A Fun Toy for Reminiscing!

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Were You Born in the 50s?

Were you born in the 50s? Here are 10 signs you were born in the 50s if you can remember and identify these 50s events and circumstances.

Remember When – Were You Born in the 50s:

1) You went to five and dimes – You do remember Woolworth’s, don’t you? You spent your precious nickels there and then had a soda or malt at the lunch counter!

2) You knew a lot of teen brides – The average age of brides from 1950-60 was 20 years old. That meant there were plenty of teen brides! Today the average age of brides is around 27 years old!

3) You remember where you were on significant occasions – We are talking when JFK, MLK, and RFK were all shot. Also,when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper’s plane went down. On a happier note, when the Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show.

4) The Bomb was the scariest thing ever – Remember the days of the Cold War, when the fear of Russia, communism, and the possibility of atomic war was a part of your everyday life? You definitely remember duck and cover drills in school.

5) You watched the Ed Sullivan Show – Every Sunday night you turned on the black and white TV to watch the Ed Sullivan Show.

6) You played with simple, iconic toys – The hula hoop, Mr. Potato Head, Play Doh, Magic Slate, Lincoln Logs and Easy Bake Oven were top on the 50s toy list.

7) You hated the Yankees…or loved them – They were the winners of six world series from 1950-58. Who wouldn’t like them and Mickey Mantle!

8) You listened to the radio and listened to music on 45s -You were born in the 50s if you listened to radio DJ, Dick Clark, and bought the newest Beatles or Ricky Nelson single on a 45 record for 75 cents!

9) Your food was read food…except when it wasn’t – You grew up eating fresh foods, such as strawberries and “real” ice cream. On the other hand, processed foods made their appearance…TV dinners, canned soda, boxed cake mixes, Hamburger Helper and – forbid! – margarine!

10) Everyone smoked – Well, almost everyone! Family members smoked at the dinner table. They also smoked at the supermarket and at work. All the cool guys wore a pack of Lucky Strike in their shirt sleeve. (About 18 percent of people still smoke.) Source…

Were You Born in the 50s

Were You Born in the 50s – Then you know how to make the hula hoop work!

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Vitamin Donuts – Really!

Yes, You Heard Correctly! Vitamin Donuts was a popular item in the 1940’s.  Some of you may remember these.

They were not around for long because they proved to be a little bit of a hoax.

Read a portion of a statement from the website talking about the donuts:

“Vitamin Donuts are a notorious case in the history of misleading advertising. In 1941, the Doughnut Corporation of America came out with these “Vitamin Donuts,” hoping the product would earn a seal of approval from the Nutrition Division of the War Food Administration. The name was justified, so the Doughnut Corporation believed, because the donuts were made with flour fortified with thiamine (Vitamin B1) which, so the marketing posters promised, would provide “PEP and VIGOR.”

Watch the Video for more information and history of  these “Enriched Donuts”:

Did you know that the flour in modern donuts has far more vitamins in it than the flour in these so called “healthy donuts” did! So, maybe today we could call our donuts “healthy” (probably not)!

Wishful thinking…maybe there really will be Vitamin Donuts someday!

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Classic Cars – Remember these!

Classic Cars Indeed!

The 1970 Dodge Challenger

The 1968 Chevy Impala

The 1970 Cadillac Convertible

classic cars


Admire the classic designs. By the way, the Challenger was re-issued of late.

It still looks Hot! Can you picture yourself driving these classics?

Enjoy thinking about these Classic Cars – Maybe you’ll own one someday!


Post your classic cars on our Colorado Springs Over 50 Facebook page!

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Antique Glass Insulators – A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Glass insulators were originally designed to keep the wires which linked telegraphs and telephones insulated from the wooden poles that held them aloft.

They were first produced in the 1850s for use with telegraph lines. As the technology developed, insulators were needed for telephone lines, electric power lines, and for other uses.

There was a major boom in the manufacturing of insulators with the expansion of rural electricity in the early 1900s. The peak of production of the insulators was from the 1920s through the 1940s with millions produced per year.

In the mid 1960s a few people began collecting antique glass insulators and they have become popular collector’s items. There are insulator clubs, local and national shows and reference materials and books available.

Would love to hear from glass insulator collectors…Comment below!




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Hope you enjoyed learning about Antique Glass Insulators with a trip down Memory Lane!

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The 1950’s Poodle Skirt – A Fashion Phenomenon!

Looking back at the fashions of the 1950’s you will certainly remember the popularity of the “Circle Skirt.”

Circle skirts were simply cut out of a large circle of fabric and could be made by anyone with a pair of scissors and some type of appliqued  design.

The most famous circle skirt was  the “poodle skirt.”

poodle skirt

Interesting facts about the poodle skirt:

*  Poodle skirts were unique in that there were no two skirts that were the same. Thus, they were “one of a kind.”

*  The poodle skirt was designed by Juli Lynne Charlot, an actress and designer.

*  Charlot could not ever sew when she came up with her clever idea of applying applique designs of little poodles to a felt circle skit she made in 1947.

*  Teenagers across American began sewing and appliqueing circle/poodle skirts and wore them to school as well as to sock hops.

*  Saddle shoes were popular shoes to wear with the skirts.

Source:  1950sCircleShirt

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   Hope you enjoyed reminiscing about the Vintage Poodle Skirt!

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