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A Real Predicament!!

Sometimes life just throws us a predicament! And, you might say this roping steer has first-hand experience!

This is a true story that happened near Fountain, Colorado. We know all the people involved, although we never met the steer!!

Unbeknownst to anyone…this roping steer somehow got his head stuck in a metal gate. Now, it’s rather difficult to function on a normal basis with a fairly large metal gate around your neck.

life predicament

The owner of the steer enlisted the help of two neighbors…one a cowboy/rancher and the other one –  a mechanic. These two guys have skill sets that can handle almost any situation.

So, between the two of them, they maneuver the steer into a corner of the corral. This steer is a roping steer so isn’t afraid of people (that is important in this situation). However, he probably won’t come when called!!

The mechanic helped to secure the steer in the corner of the corral. Meanwhile, the cowboy took a hacksaw, climbed up on the fence and cut away a section of the metal pipe. The gate was then removed from the steer’s neck, and he was a happy camper!

This is what the steer looked like when the procedure was finished. He has quite a pleasant look on his face as he looks at this two new “friends”!

All’s well that end’s well!!

life predicament

This steer is used in team roping which is also known as “heading and heeling.” It is a rodeo event that features a steer and two riders on horses. One roper is referred to as the “header,” since that person ropes around the horns of the steer. The second roper is referred to as the “heeler,” because that person ropes the steer by its hind feet.

Men and women compete equally together in the team roping in professional sanctioned competition.

A Real Life Predicament!

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