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Petunias Love Colorado Summers

Petunias are a great Colorado summer flower. They are tolerant of heat so they require less water. However, we check ours every day to see if they need a drink.

Wave petunias are especially nice because they create gorgeous cascades of color in hanging baskets and decorative pots. However, it’s important that these vigorous flowers get their space. Don’t over pack them…just a few plants go a long way in a container. You want to encourage them to trail over the sides which they will do if they aren’t “fighting” for root space and nutrition.


Planting Petunias

  • You can grow petunias from seeds, but it is easier to grow them from transplants. It’s best to buy transplants and plant them in light, well-drained soil in full sun after the last spring frost.
  • Even though these plants like full sun, they can grow in partial shade, but they will have fewer flowers. It’s better if the plants have shelter from the wind.

Care of Petunias

  • Fertilize your plants monthly to ensure good growth.
  • Remove faded/dead flowers to prolong blooming.

Container Plants

When planting petunias in containers, be sure not to crowd your plants. Limit yourself to three per 12-inch pot. If they start to flag or grow leggy, cut them back and fertilize them. They should branch out with vigor.
Cut flowers for bouquets frequently to encourage new growth and remove dead flower heads as soon as they appear.Every few days, give them a long, slow drink.
Wetting the flowers and foliage can promote disease, so water either from below or close to the surface of the soil. In order to not waterlog the roots, make sure your container has very good drainage.
Petunias are heavy feeders. Apply a slow release fertilizer at the time of planting. Follow up with a liquid fertilizer every week or two throughout the season.  Source…
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