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Over 50 RVing – Part 1 of 3

Part 1 – Class B or C (Similarly Sized Pro’s and Con’s) A fun way to go RVing!

Are you considering a new or used RV to get out into Colorado to enjoy the scenery?

Will you be going on multi-state travel?

Have you thought of what you may need?

There are Pro’s and Con’s as to what size you want to suit your travel and personal needs.

Consider a Class B or C RV (see the photo for this Part 1 – Class B) that accommodates two people very comfortably.

Class B or C RV’s are ones that are a compact unit built as a regular van or on a truck or van frame. (I’ll talk about Fifth Wheel/Towed RV’s in Part 2 and Class A in Part 3)



∗ Easy to drive, park and maneuver over the road (Just a little bigger than a full size van or full size sedan)

∗ Easy maintenance. (Can be serviced, generally speaking, in most auto repair shops)

∗ Can be used as a 2nd vehicle

∗ Least expensive to operate

∗ Ideal for short distance RV trips

∗ Demonstrated as safer than Class C’s, must meet truck or auto safety standards such as airbags


Class B may be more expensive than a Class C RV (Similarly compared sizes)

∗ Smaller storage capacity

∗ No separate bedrooms, beds fold out

∗ Smaller bathroom facilities

∗ More than two occupants would be cramped

∗ Not suited for long trips

Have fun RVing in Colorado and throughout the USA!

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