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How to Make a Retirement Survival Kit!

What do you give someone who has worked hard most of their life and is now getting ready for retirement?  If you know anyone who’s in these shoes and has a good humorous side, this is a fun gift to give to them!

This “Retirement Survival Kit” has everything your favorite retiree will need for a good laugh as they enter this new phase in their life!

Just print out the list below, add all the items on the list, and present them in a box or gift bag.

This is the perfect gift for the retiree’s party and will be the hit of the celebration. Everyone will be sure to enjoy it!

These items could also be used as party decorations and party favors. Just use your creativity for a fun, memorable celebration!


Items to include in the Survival Kit:

Balloon: to start the celebration with a BANG!

Gold Leaf: because you’re worth your weight in gold

Love Heart Candy: to remind you to follow your heart

Marker: retirement MARKS the beginning of a new journey!

Elastic Band: try to stay flexible during your retirement years

Candy Watch: to use your time wisely

Marble: to help replace the ones you lost at work

Tea Bag: retirement is just one long tea (or coffee) break!

Seeds: For all the seeds of knowledge you have sown

Starburst Candy: For a burst of energy when you need it!

Straw: to have a drink & let your hair down

Money: to help with your retirement fund

Candle: to keep your future bright

Toothpick: to pick out the best in every day

Confetti: to remember that life is a party, and the best is yet to come!

M & M’s (share size): share your M & M’s with your retiree friends

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A Retirement Survival Kit is the Perfect Gift for the Retiree!


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