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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Letter writing has become a lost art. Let’s bring back this lost art of letter writing which adds a special touch to our lives when communicating with friends and family! Those Over 50 will remember getting letters in the mail.

There was a time in the not too distant past when mailboxes would be filled with handwritten letters, notes and cards. We would anxiously await the arrival of the mail to be delivered to see what friendly correspondence had arrived. I can remember sitting down to read a cherished letter from a family member or friend. And, looked forward to retrieving paper and pen to jot down my reply.

Now, in the days of social media, a handwritten letter has become a thing of the past. Birthday cards have become posts on a friend’s Facebook wall. And if there is extra time, possibly a picture will accompany the greetings to make them more personal. Notes, once sent across the miles through the postal service, have been replaced with texts quickly sent and received. Instant communication is now the norm regardless if you are speaking with a neighbor or a loved one across the country.

lost art of letter writing

Following a recent visit to spend time with a dear friend in my Illinois home town, I wanted to show my gratitude for her hospitality in something other than a text, email or Facebook message. A handwritten note would mean so much more. I keep an assortment of stationery just for this purpose, but there was nothing suitable. Browsing the internet, I discovered a lovely site filled with beautiful note cards and a vast assortment of choices. Delightfully hand-drawn, it was as if the designer of these lovely cards was speaking to me personally. The darling sheep reminded me of a wonderful trip to Ireland. And, the bike, skis, and hiking boots are a nod to my life in Colorado. For those who travel frequently, long to, or simply want to send a note, there is a collection of charming cards from places near and far.

The lost art of letter writing needs to be brought back into our everyday life. Just think of the joy one would receive if the mailbox was opened to discover a handwritten note from a lifelong friend. As author Phyllis Theroux once said, “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” I couldn’t agree with her more.

the lost art of letter writing


The Lost Art of Letter Writing – Let’s bring back that special touch in our lives!

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