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Your Parents and Long Term Care Insurance

You may have already provided for your own Long Term Care Insurance, but…what about your parents?

Do your parents need Long Term Care Insurance?

Did you know that the odds against long-term care aren’t long at all! The statistics indicate that we’re living longer and the need for long-term care is more likely.

caring for an elderly parent

Long-term care can also be expensive. Many people are under the impression that Medicare, Medigap, managed-care programs like health maintenance organizations, and indemnity medical insurance plans will pay for long-term care. However, as of this date, they don’t pay for long-term nursing home care or for assisted living.

Ask the right questions and get that protection that your parents will need if and when it comes time for long-term care in their advanced age.

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Always consult a Certified Financial Planner, Lawyer or Insurance Agent who is well versed in Long Term Care Insurance before making any purchase decisions.

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