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Is Cycling the New Golf for Baby Boomers?

So, what is this ‘Pedal Power of the Baby Boomer’ cycling?

Well, you have probably seen them swooshing down the street or on a bike path, heads down and really getting after it!

They look muscular and sleek and have all the trappings of helmets, reflective clothing, the latest sport’s watch and rain gear.

So it seems that, at least for Baby Boomers, cycling is the new golf!

And, here’s why:

1)  Cycling is flexible in that it lacks boundaries – you can basically go anywhere.

2)  It has less impact than most other sports.

3)  Once you buy your bicycle, it is relatively inexpensive.

4)  In many parts of North America it can be done year-round.

5)  You can be competitive or non-competitive.

6)  You can ride for fitness, charity or convenience (ride to work).

7)  You can literally expand your horizons and see new and different places.




We like cycling because it is such a great way to exercise, burn calories and build muscles. And, there is no added burden on the knees as there is with jogging! Also, you can go slow or fast…set your own pace.

Bicycling is a great group activity. There are bike clubs where you can meet new people. Or, better yet, ride with your kids or grandkids. It is a perfect activity for retired Baby Boomers!

If you use bike paths or rural roads, you are relatively riding for pleasure. Go online to find bike paths in your area.

Getting out in the fresh air and enjoying Mother Nature up close is definitely a benefit of riding a bicycle out doors. It is refreshing and peaceful…a special time for reflection and gratitude!

Since most of us rode bikes when we were growing up, there’s not much of a learning curve. See you out on the streets, trails and highways!

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Baby Boomers ~ Enjoy the Outdoors by Going Cycling!



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