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How to Build Bookshelves – The Suspended Kind!

You can never have enough bookshelves. Right? Well, here is the answer – you can make them yourself!  How to Build Bookshelves which are suspended is a step-by-step project that can be completed in one weekend.

These shelves can also be used to display knick knacks  and collectibles. They’re strong and stylish. You can customize them to fit the decor of any room by changing the materials and/or the finishes you use.

They say if you can stack blocks, you can build this wall-hung bookshelf.

This is a suggested schedule for completing the project in one weekend:

1) Friday Night – Cut out the parts and get one coat of finish on.

2) Saturday – Early on Saturday apply another coat or two of finish.

3) Sunday – You are ready to assemble and install the shelves.

how to build bookshelves

Photo – The Family Handyman

The cost is under $200 for the materials which includes the oak boards, cables and other hardware.

If you own a miter saw, a table saw and a pneumatic nailer, the project will go a lot quicker. However, you can build this project with basic hand tools and a circular saw. Using a router to bevel the shelf edges is optional.

Are the bookshelves strong enough? Yes, they are! Because of the screws, blocks and aircraft-strength cable, you don’t need to worry about the strength. As you read through the instructions, you will see that these shelves are made to last.

These bookshelves are so practical for small rooms and also for people who move frequently since they are so easy to make. We especially like the clean lines that complement most styles of furniture and decor. The bookshelves can be stained or painted to suit your decorating needs.

For Complete Instructions, Click Link: Suspended Bookshelves

How to Build Bookshelves Which are Suspended – A Weekend Project!

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