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Exercise Cuts Cancer Risk – Important for Over 50!

An international research study shows how exercise cuts cancer risk. According to JAMA Internal Medicine, this study involved 1.4 million people which is a significant number of participants.

“The researchers analyzed data from participants in 12 U.S. and European study groups who self-reported their physical activity between 1987 and 2004. The authors looked at the incidence of 26 kinds of cancer occurring in the study follow-up period, which lasted 11 years on average.”

The purpose of this study was to find out if leisure-time physical activity of a moderate to vigorous intensity had an effect on lowering cancer risk. Walking, running and swimming were among moderate and vigorous-intensity activities reported by participants and tallied by researchers.

Weekly time spent was another consideration – for instance, walking 150 minutes per week was an average level of effort, and an amount that meets many physical activity guidelines.

The study found a connection between higher levels of physical activity and lower risk of developing 13 types of cancer. At the top of the list is cancer of the esophagus which had a 42 percent lower risk. Liver cancer came in second with a 26 percent lower risk.

The other types of cancer with a lower risk because of exercise are: Lung, Kidney, Gastric Cardia, Endometrial, Myeloid Leukemia, Myeloma, Colon, Head & Neck, Rectal, Bladder and Breast cancer.

It is well-established that physical activity does reduce the risk of heart disease and death from all causes. These findings are according to the authors of the new study. This new study found that exercise has similar benefits in terms of reducing cancer risk.

Bodyweight Exercise at Your Own Pace!:

Overall, a higher level of activity is tied to a 7 percent lower risk of developing any type of cancer. This makes you want to get out there and exercise on a regular basis to stay healthy!

Health care professionals must emphasize that most of these associations were evident regardless of body size or smoking history. The adults being counseled were inactive adults.

Exercise Cuts Cancer Risk!!

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