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End of Winter and Bodyweight Exercise

Since many parts of the country are still in the grip of winter, this is a great time for bodyweight exercise that you can do in your living room.

Is your gym closed during the only hours you are available to exercise? Enough of the icy roads, bitter temps, and the hassles of getting to the gym. 

Bodyweight exercises! This is one of the best routines for in-home exercise.

bodyweight exercise

The advantages of bodyweight exercises are:

1) Workouts are highly efficient. Since they require no equipment, you spend a minimal amount of time transitioning from one exercise to the next.

2) Your own body provides all the resistance needed to help you get fit by addressing every muscle in your body.

3) You can perform hundreds of exercises in a small space that are adapted to your fitness level.

4) Your core strength is improved as well as your flexibility and balance.

5) In-home bodyweight exercise takes care of the issues of inclement weather, time constraints, or boredom from the gym scene…plus it’s free…what a deal!

Just a reminder…if you aren’t using proper form, you can potentially hurt yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a gym or in your own basement. Many people do popular exercises incorrectly, so follow the suggestions in the video for proper form. Enjoy and have a great workout!!

For the video, Click Here

Bodyweight Exercise ~ A Great Workout to do at Home!

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