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End of Summer Reflections!

What are your End of Summer Reflections? After all, every summer does have a story!

We invite you to think about your summer…the good and the not so good (hope there’s not much of that)!

We also invite you to share your thoughts in the Comments section at the end of this page.

end of summer reflections

How to exercise your brain by reflecting on your summer:

* Enhance Your Thinking Skills – As you are thinking back to the beginning of your summer, you will be giving your brain a good workout. You might want to think about each month and what was special about that month. Then break the month down into weeks and then days. What was so special or troublesome about those weeks and days?

* Write something – Writing is good exercise for the brain because it requires loads of thinking! Write down your thoughts about your summer. A great way to start is by ‘journaling’ as you reflect on the events, people and special moments that made up your summer.

* Enhance Your Word Skills – Thinking and writing helps to enhance your word skills and keeps your mind sharp. It will also give you practice in keeping words readily available…both written and spoken.

*  Post-problem Solutions – If your summer did have a few glitches, consider the various possibilities of how you could have made different decisions for better outcomes. This makes you a better problem solver and improves creativity. It will also give you an opportunity to plan ahead for next summer and its endless possibilities!

Now is the time to get your “thinking cap” on and enjoy reminiscing about your summer. Write down your thoughts and share them here and on our Facebook page. Source…

Have Fun with Your End of Summer Reflections!

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