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Easter Umbrella Door Decoration

It’s time to decorate your front door for spring and the upcoming Easter celebrations with this easy, creative umbrella door decoration.

By using spring colors and items associated with springtime, you will have a great addition to your front door.

umbrella door decoration



* A bouquet of pink tulips, along with greenery and dyed eggshells filled with daffodils. They are tucked neatly into an umbrella for a unique Easter door decoration.

* To make, tie a pretty pink ribbon halfway up a closed umbrella to create a makeshift vase for your arrangement.

* Create pockets between front ribs and tuck in tissue paper to support a crafts-store bird’s nest. Use blown-out dyed Easter eggs, fresh flowers, and greenery such as ferns and moss.

* When you’re finished, wire the arrangement to a hook to hang on your front door.

* You now have a door umbrella decoration that is just right for spring and Easter!

Editor’s Tip:

To keep flowers fresh, put the stems in water vials or heavy plastic bags filled with floral foam powder which is available at floral supply stores.


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Umbrella Door Decoration – Celebrate Spring and Easter in Style!

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