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What Your Coffee Preference Says About Your Personality!

So, what is your coffee preference?

How do you like your coffee? With cream and sugar, flavored, a complicated mixture of things, or straight-up black?

These coffee preferences may best describe your personality.

Whether you have a cup of coffee in your hand all day or just need a little boost in the morning, how you drink your coffee and what kind of coffee you drink says a lot about your personality.

1) Those people who take cream and sugar with their coffee are good at being pleasant and small talk. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you can just sit back and sip your coffee.

2) Then there are the folks who need flavored coffee. Sure, a peppermint flavor or a little hazelnut can have its place once in a while, but it’s not an everyday flavor. You’re the kind of person who needs to mix it up all the time and always have a surprise in store!

3) If your coffee type is a complicated one that’s ordered in a coffee shop where you need to say several words to describe it, my guess is that you’re the type of person who showers and puts on makeup before heading to the gym. Well, maybe that’s not all bad!!

4) For those of you who drink straight-up black coffee, I’m assuming you’re a get-it-done person. No muss, no fuss. You take your coffee straight up, and you dish it out straight, too. Chances are I’d have a coffee with you.

coffee preference

The kind of coffee – Dark Roast, French Vanilla, Dark Roast Decaf and everything in between will be left for another time. Frankly, for me it depends on my mood and the time of day as to the kind of coffee I prefer…although, I don’t like it too strong!

So…What about you? How do you like your coffee…what is your coffee preference? Leave a ‘Comment’ below!

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