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Clever Snack Ideas for Valentines Day

Just in time for Valentines Day…clever snack ideas for Valentines Day are easy to make. Add a festive touch to this special day with these snack ideas for Valentines Day that even the kids and grand kids can help make.

Easy Marshmallow Valentine Treats by Alisa

1) Easy Marshmallow Valentine Treats

Use strawberry marshmallows, dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkle them with little nonpareils. Decorate them with heart picks. So easy and fun!

Marshmallow Valentine Treats


snack ideas for Valentine's Day

2) Cupid’s Arrows: candy hearts + pretzel sticks

Cupid’s Arrows


Valentines Day allows our work environments, schools and homes to be overflowing with lots of candy, cookies, sweets, and all around unhealthy snacks. Yes, everything is OK in moderation but why not make a delcious AND healthy treat? Something like Valentines Day Heart-Kebabs could be a great option. What types of goodies will you be making on Thursday? ♥

3) Heart Kabobs – Made with strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon and black olives.
Via Pinterest









4) Valentine Cinnamon Cookie Crunch Popcorn Mix

This is a printable and can also be used on a tin can treat…for complete instructions:


Snack Ideas for Valentines Day at Your Fingertips!






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