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Can You Really Be Fit After Age 50?

Is it even possible to be fit after age 50? Should people even try?

These two questions were asked of three fitness experts in the industry:

Expert #1 – The iconic Tony Horton, of P90X and 10-Minute Trainer fame is 56. He says it is very possible to get into the best shape of your life even if you are over 50 and spent a good share of those years being out of shape and inactive. However, if you were a competitive track athlete at a young age, the answer is “no way.”

A better goal is to be in great shape, active and healthy after 50…now that’s doable! Sustaining the motivation and discipline is key. You can do this by having a purpose, by planning all of your workouts in advance, and by having people to be accountable to.  To sum it up…physical movement is the “on switch” to a better, healthier life!

Expert #2 – Dr. Jill Broffman, an Internal Medicine Physician, is dedicated to fitness herself by working out almost every morning. For her and her patients, fitness is a non-negotiable priority. It is like eating, breathing and sleeping.

Working out smarter as a person gets older is important to avoid overuse injuries. Cross training and stretching are good choices instead of high impact aerobics. Adopting an overall healthier lifestyle with better quality foods, adequate sleep, breathing deeply and finding happiness will lead to a more balanced life.

Expert #3 – Dr. Pam Peeke, a physician, scientist and bestselling author, just qualified for a triathlon event and “practices what she preaches”! Her advice is to be realistic, patient and consistent no matter if you are in terrible shape or relatively great shape.

There is more recovery time and more sleep needed after hard workouts. Accept the fact that it will take longer to make muscle and to lose body fat. You might want to chant, “I am no longer 20!” Focusing on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility is key to reaching healthy goals.

A recent study by the American Journal of Medicine found that the higher your muscle mass index is, the more likely it is you will live longer! With that said, get out there and pump up those muscles…you don’t want to be old and frail!

And, yes, you can be fit after age 50!!


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