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10 Tips for Better Sleep for Those Over 50!

So many people, especially those Over 50, are looking for ways to assure better sleep!

These ten tips are simple and can be easily incorporated into your day and evening routines.

Getting enough sleep is important because it helps you feel better during the day.  Sleep also plays a critical role in maintaining your good health. according to The Sleep Council.

  • Bad sleep is chronic. Poor sleep results in an increased risk of developing chronic conditions.
  • Hormones wreak havoc. Missing out on adequate sleep can interfere with your body’s hormones.
  • Compromises your immunity system. Lack of sleep can also affect your immune system.

You need to “power down” your brain  if you’re going to sleep well. Meditation is a great way to give your brain a break. Label your bedroom as a worry-free zone so you can sleep soundly.

Keep everything that relates to work or stress in a separate room which is physically separated from where you sleep. That means your phone, TV, paperwork, bills, etc., will be out of sight and, hopefully, out of mind!

Did you know that we spend 33% of our lives asleep? Therefore, improving sleep means improving 1/3 of your life!

Improve Your Quality Of Sleep Easily With Exercise

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Better Sleep is at Your Fingertips!

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