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Beautiful Colorado Flowering Shrubs

Are you looking for Colorado flowering shrubs to plant in your garden?

You can’t go wrong with Russian Sage or Blue Mist Spirea. They are beautiful, popular flowering shrubs that grow well in Colorado. They are a perfect choice to plant in a Xeriscape garden.

Russian sage is an import from central Asia and thrives in a high, dry climate, with bright sunshine and alkaline soil. It is tailor-made for Colorado’s climate and growing conditions.

Characteristics of Russian sage:

* It has an upright, shrub-like shape with slender stems and finely-cut silvery-gray leaves and is in the mint family because of its square stems.

* It has aromatic leaves and does not attract deer which means it will stay attractive until the growing season is over.

* It grows to a mature size of thee to five feet tall and three to four feet wide if it isn’t crowded…allow for room to grow when planting.

* It needs full sun and well drained average soil for optimum growth.

* It has soft, lavender-blue flowers which appear in the late summer and remain attractive into the fall and go dormant in the winter.RussianSage

Blue Mist Spirea is an extremely hardy and drought tolerant shrub. The “Dark Knight” variety has the deepest blue color of them all. This variety flowers heavily every year.

Characteristics of Blue Mist Spirea:

* It has grey/green foliage and blooms in the early fall.

* It has a fast growth rate and a mature height of three feet. It has a mature spread of two to three feet.

* It likes full sun, is extremely hardy and is low-drought tolerant.

* It is deer resistant and attracts bees and hummingbirds.


Sources: Blue Mist Spirea     Russian Sage

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Enjoy these Beautiful Colorado Flowering Shrubs!


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