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Baby Boomer Roommates – An Over 50 Solution!

Baby Boomers and those well over 50 are taking their cue from the Golden Girls…that is, sharing a house with Baby Boomer roommates. This is typically a women’s arrangement.

This trend of shared housing provides women financial, physical and emotional security. It can be a “life saver” for some women for two reasons. Women tend to live longer and tend to be less financially secure than men.

Other statistics enter into the equation – Americans over 50 are less likely to be married and living with a spouse since the divorce rate has seen an increase  among Baby Boomers. Also, one in five women turning 50 have no children. Thus, shared housing offers a sense of community.

As this huge Baby Boomer generation rushes into retirement, there’s a growing concern among experts on aging: Who will take care of all these people when they’re too old to care for themselves. So, some female Baby Boomers are talking about, “Could we just all move in together?” Although, there are all sorts of variations of this conversation, it is something that people are thinking about, particularly women.

According to Roommates4Boomers, “house sharing” is an emerging movement. “Shared housing and aging in community are phenomena that are growing very rapidly and becoming increasingly mainstream.” There are online services such as Roommates4Boomers that match Boomer roommates.

They provide a safe, secure, and anonymous way to find a roommate. They never share account information with anyone. Whether you have a home to share, or you’re looking for a place to call home, a house sharing service can help you find the ideal shared housing solution.

Baby Boomer Roommates

In conclusion, living together as Baby Boomer roommates actually makes sense on a lot of levels according to Huff Post. Here are 6 reasons.

1. The high divorce rate for 50+ may leave many with compromised financial pictures.

2. One third of boomers are divorced, widowed or never married.

3. Shared household expenses and chores helps everyone.

4. Group living provides regular social connections.

5. Safety in Numbers: you create a safer and more secure environment.

6. A built-in network to help with current or future health issues.

This video addresses the topic of Baby Boomer Roommates:


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  1. Lynn Cressy April 18, 2018 at 3:10 pm #

    Hi Steve,
    You might want to put this info on the Baby Boomer Roommates website if you are interested in finding a roommate. Thanks so much for commenting and hope you enjoy Colorado Springs Over 50!

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