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7 Powerful Foods for Men

7 Powerful Foods for Men
By []Camille Goscicki (Guest Author)

Listen up, men of all ages! There are tons of food sources out there that provide you with great health benefits. Unfortunately, these foods don’t include bacon cheeseburgers, pizza with double cheese, deep-fried Twinkies and elephant ears (or any other carnival-type food, for that matter). By the way, deep-fried cauliflower, zucchini, and mushrooms don’t count toward the ideal 5 to 9 servings of vegetables every day.

Your nutritional needs differ from a woman’s. There are super foods out there for men that provide such health boosters as:

• Increased muscle and reduction of belly fat

• Protection against prostate and bladder cancer

• Protection for the immune system

Here are 7 super-powered foods for men:

Fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and herring – They provide you with an important element for your health: Omega-3 fatty acids. These benefit men in many ways: heart and circulation health, immune system strength; and, along with other super foods, protect you against prostate cancer. These fish are also a good source of vitamin D, which can protect men against some cancers, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Red fruits including tomatoes, watermelon, red grapefruit, and red oranges (yes, tomatoes are a fruit; yes I realize that the term red orange is an oxymoron) – All of these contain lycopene, a very important for men’s health. Lycopene protects men against prostate cancer.

Red/orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and red bell peppers – These contain antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamin C. These antioxidants benefit your skin cells and prevent oxidation from the sun (which causes skin aging). They also reduced the risk of developing an enlarged prostrate.

Bananas – They provide you with quick energy and contain potassium and magnesium. Potassium is particularly important for regulating blood pressure and along with magnesium, can reduce your risk of having a stroke.

Broccoli and all cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts) – These vegetables rich in phytochemicals and fiber and are particularly important for men’s heart health. They also help prevent prostate, colon and bladder cancers.

Nuts of all kinds – including almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios, walnuts and more. Nuts are filled with vitamins and other nutrients. Brazil nuts, for example, contain selenium and magnesium, important for heart and prostate health. Almonds are high in calcium, vitamin E and are good for intestinal health. Pistachios are good for aging eye health, since they contain lutein and zeaxanthin. Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that protects the heart from coronary artery disease.

Cherries and all types of berries – These are great sources of a flavonoid called anthocyanin which is what produces the purple, blue, and red colors of berries. Eating berries can protect men’s brain function, heart, and blood vessels. It also helps decrease hypertension.

These are just some of the super foods for men that are out there on supermarket shelves and in the produce section. Others include oysters and other shellfish, oatmeal, whole grains, beans, spinach, and more.

So guys, if you long for the ability to leap tall buildings at a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet; well, you may just be a little weird. But if you simply want to enhance your health, for the long run, you might want to add these super foods to your plate.

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You can’t go Wrong with these Seven Powerful Foods for Men!

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