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5 Hot Springs Destinations in Colorado!

Did you know there are hot springs destinations in Colorado? For hundreds of years Coloradans have flocked to the relaxing and healing waters that are distinct to natural hot springs.

Due to the heat and minerals found in these hot springs all over Colorado, they are said to have healing properties which leave you feeling rejuvenated!

Hot spring pools are, without a doubt, extremely relaxing and beautiful.

Why should we make a trip to an Earth’s natural spa?

The main benefits of hot spring pools are:

  1. Helping blood circulation,
  2. De-stressing,
  3. Relieving chronic pain,
  4. Solving skin conditions,
  5. Clearing nasal and digestion pathways.

With all these therapeutic benefits, how could you not want to make your way to a hot spring?

We created a list of some of the most popular hot springs to visit in Colorado. We hope you’ll go check them out! Just click on the links for more info.

Avalanche Ranch



2. Dunton Hot Springs



3. Iron Mountain Hot Springs



4. The Springs Resort & Spa



5. Orvis Hot Springs


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Enjoy these Hot Springs Destinations in Colorado!

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